Coronavirus Update

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Hey church fam,

Throughout this year we have sought to be prayerful and wise in our decision making around COVID-19. We know that we serve a big God who would not have us be led by fear, nor be irresponsible in our decision making. As cases rise in our area, we believe that we are logistically able to continue gathering on Sunday’s in a way that minimizes the transmission of the virus in our building.

To do this we are updating a few of our precautions: 

  • Mask Policy: Masks are required at all times during our 9:00 a.m. service, and when you enter/exit/move around the building for the 10:45 a.m. service.
  • Social Distancing: We have removed some chairs and have ensured there is better spacing between all the seats.
  • Healthy Attendance: If you have been in close contact and exposed to a positive case, or you or your kids are displaying any symptoms, please remain at home to help us protect one another.
  • High Risk Individuals: Those at higher risk should prayerfully consider staying at home for now, stay connected with our Church at Home video, stay intentional about maintaining spiritual health while monitoring your physical health.
  • Cancelled Events: All large events outside of worship services have been cancelled at this time to minimize other exposures.
  • Contact Tracing: If you come to church on Sunday and test positive during the week, please let us know so we can inform others. Names will only be mentioned with permission.

As we watch the cases and hospitalizations rise in our area, we want to continue gathering as a church body but we want to “up our game” with our precautions. Help us all stay healthy so we can continue gathering through these next couple months.

We’ve got this church! Keep reaching out to those who are lonely and let’s love our community well in this tough season.

Pastor Austin