Local Outreach

Share the love of God in our own backyard

A church cannot thrive from behind closed doors. We want our outreach efforts to have a local impact with a global reach. We support community efforts here at home and missionaries afar because we love our neighbors, no matter where they are.

Get involved in Local Outreach

If you have further questions, let us know by emailing [email protected].


We are committed to helping God’s Kingdom advance throughout every neighborhood in Loveland. To help us do so, we have set up a simple system to encourage our members to cover each street with prayer. Once a month, members walk the streets of a small portion of a neighborhood, praying over its residents. Prayer walking only take about 30 minutes and provide a bit of exercise for your heart – physical as well as spiritual! 

“As we invest this time into our neighbors, our hearts toward them will grow.” (Matthew 6:21)